Glaive of « Ecole de Mars »

3 500,00

This luxury weapon, even of prestige, was manufactured in infinitesimal quantity, from there its rarity! In addition, this sword was designed by the painter of the Republic and the Empire Jacques-Louis David.

The guard is in brass, the handle in scales. The cruise is decorated with a Phrygian cap, the quillons are made of iron and end with a brass ball. The blade is double-edged.
As for the wooden and brass scabbard, it is covered with its original felt fabric (here royal blue).

In addition, on the « centuries » model, there is a marking of a lictor beam at the origin of the blade, under the mumps with the Phrygian cap. This marking in a lictor beam on the blade is very important

The last marking, on the scabbard, is a plumb line inside a triangle, and represents « the level of equality ».

An extremely rare weapon in such a state, impeccably preserved, as well at the level of the sword, guard and blade, as of the scabbard! One of the most sought-after and best-rated weapons by collectors on the antique weapon market!

Total length: 66.5 cm
Sword length: 66 cm
Blade length: 58.5 cm

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