Les 7 Piliers de la Sagesse de T.E. LAWRENCE

Les 7 Piliers de la Sagesse


Editeur : Jonathan Cape , London , 1935. Couverture rigide avec un motif doré représentant des épées entrecroisées sur la couverture et la légende « the sword also means cleaness and death »en lettres dorées

Editor : Jonathan Cape , London , 1935. Hardback with gilt crossed swords motif on front cover and legend « the sword also means cleaness and death », gilt lettering on spine
Condition: Good.
First published edition. 672 pages
Pages rough cut – this edition is very clean and does not appear to have been read as many of the pages remain uncut. Four fold out maps, c50 b&w illustrations and two photographs; a street scene in Jidda and Arab troops entering Damascus .
Introduction by Lawrence signed T.E.S. Cranwell  15.8.26 (when he was seeking anonymity as Aircraftsman Shaw). Fading on front and back cover and some staining from water spots on the spine and front cover but nothing serious. Corners are gently bruised but again nothing serious. Frontispiece is photograph of TE Lawrence bust.

Very rare edition TE Lawrence, in relating the history of his involvement in the Arab revolt against Ottoman rule during the First World War, produced a true literary classic.
Winston Churchill said of the book,
« [It] ranks with the greatest books ever written in the English language. »
Its fame was further secured by Hollywood :  » Lawrence of Arabia , » starring Peter O’Toole, was based upon the book.
This is a splendid, handsome copy of an enduring masterpiece. A personal narrative of the revolt of Arab armies against the Turks during the First World War, SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM stands as a monument of modern literature and history. Bernard Shaw described the book as one of the greatest of our time.

All earlier printings were private and they are now very scarce. This is the first edition that was printed for general circulation. Also included is a small leaflet issued by Allenby, Churchill, Bernard Shaw and others appealing for funds to create a memorial to Lawrence of Arabia in St. Paul ‘s Cathedral.

Une pièce exceptionnelle pour collectionneurs !