By Your Name, Revolution – Tome I


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If the Revolution had failed! If the Royalty of the Old Regime had endured!
Well, history would have been written otherwise! Charles de Ricault, Marquis of Héricault, would have liked it!
The story of the French Revolution seen by a nobleman crossing it with his body defending. Adventures, humor, love, eroticism, all this is found in the adventures of Charles and others: Louis XVI, Robespierre, Danton, Sade, Bonaparte, and well, many others …
A young nobleman at the Court of Louis XVI, Charles of Hericault was entrusted by the King with a seemingly harmless mission, all the more so since he was very nicely supported. This mission will make him live all kinds of adventures, and make him meet the main characters of this tormented era, in situations in turn tragic and funny.
When the little story meets the Great, a novel against the backdrop of Revolution, a new vision of this period, a point of view of the Nobility, completely subjective.
Above all, must be read in the second degree !!