Cavalry Carbine “GRAS”


Cavalry Rifle “‘GRAS”

Model 1874

Very nice GRAS rifle model 1874, in excellent condition. Original caliber 11 mm Bold.

The 1874 cavalry rifle will equip, as its name suggests, mounted riders, hussars and hunters on horseback.

Weapon length: 1175 mm

Barrel length: 680 mm

The cavalry rifle differs from the infantry rifle in a number of ways, including length, lack of bayonet, and sighting system

Accessories and facings (trigger guard; butt plate, nasturtium, grenadière, mouthpiece)

The rifle shown here has the white polished barrel and breech. The rendering is magnificent.

Very beautiful wood with no cracks or gaps, no trace of oxidation on the weapon.

The scratches of the barrel are very apparent (not very successful in the photos, but hey…)

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Cavalry Carbine GRAS

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Roman, Nouvelle, Poésie


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